What do players and others say about us?

Customer feedback is very important to us.  Here is just a sample of the emails that we have received recently.


I linked to your site - it's all so nicely laid out there!

Helen Milligan, Secretary New Zealand Chess Federation, 20 February 2012

I never got to thank you for the smooth tournament, it was a lot of fun and far better than sitting around in suburbia - I'm already bored!

IC, 20 February 2012

I left shortly after the game without getting a chance to congratulate you on an excellent Irish Championships.  It was one of the best run tournaments I've ever played in and I look forward to seeing you run more tournaments in Ireland in future.

DM, 12 July 2011
May i take the opportunity to say how excellent  your events are, very professionally organised.

BK, 7 November 2010

I just wanted to say thanks for organising the Uxbridge event. Although my results in the last couple of days weren't what I'd have hoped for, it was the kind of preparation I needed for the Olympiad - and all in a hotel that's already built!

HL, 16 August 2010

Just emailing to thank you for the tournament. I thought the organisation was brilliant and the conditions were great.

MW, 16 August 2010

Increasingly other congresses pale into insignificance when compared with the ones e2e4 organise.

SH, 26 February 2010

I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for all your hard work in organising and running such an enjoyable tournament at the weekend. I’m reluctant these days to spend what little free time I have freezing to death in draughty church halls that smell of mildew, so it was a great pleasure to be able to play chess in such comfortable surroundings. I had a great time and very much hope to take part in more of your events in the future.

NS, 21 September 2009

Just a short line to say how much I enjoyed the Uxbridge congress at the weekend. This was my first event for around 28 years and I am sure I will make every effort to enter another one of your events.

JM, 21 September 2009

Many thanks to you and the organisers for putting on such a well run event.
It was my first congress and a truly great and memorable experience.

The venue and facilities were superb.

AW, 21 September 2009

This was the first time I had played Uxbridge, but its the best weekend tournament I've played in.  I'm going to play every congress you run from now on!

AS, 20 September 2009

thank you very much for the superb organisation and running of the Uxbridge International: it really was a pleasure to be part of that. Although the vast majority of us are amateurs, in terms of the playing conditions, we were treated as professionals which is quite a change. There was also a healthy camaraderie amongst the players which was pleasing. 

SH, 22 August 2009

The venue was lovely and the tournament very well organised...I have never seen the results entered on the fide site so quickly!

Thank you again and hope to come to another e2e4 event in the future.

JM, 20 August

Thank you for all your hard work organising the tournament last week. It made a pleasant change to play in such good conditions and it was very enjoyable despite the tough opposition.

I like your website, which is very informative.

DW, 19 August

Thanks for a very enjoyable tournament. Hope to see you at another one

DT 18 August

Just a short note to congratulate and thank you for putting on another great tournament.  We really enjoyed the event and look forward to the next e2e4 tournament.  This is down to you, as every tournament you have run that we have taken part in has been very well organised and with excellent playing conditions and some great additional touches - the online information in particular was outstanding!
If only every tournament was as good as the ones you put on!

AA, 18 August

Just a short note to thank you for another well organised tournament.  Little P really enjoyed the competition, and finally managed to pull off some results when he finally settled (although he was extremely lucky in the last!

PW 17 August

Thanks again for fitting W into the event.
I was going to say thanks to you before we left today, but we kinda left in a rush.
Anyway, he's already talking about going to the Uxbridge Congress in September :-)

WF 16 August

Thanks for all your help and effort in organising the tournament and also for the prompt updates.

VT 16 August

Sorry to say I couldn't manage to find you after the last round but I would just like to thank you for organising the Uxbridge tournament and providing a great IM norm opportunity.

CK 16 August

Firstly my thanks and congratulations to you on a superb event in Uxbridge. Group F did exactly what it said on the tin, entailing 9 hard fought but friendly games and there was a lot of good natured analysis after the games! I enjoyed the chess and the hotel, and appear to have gained some rating points.

DN, 16 August

I'll definately be at the Uxbridge Congress.  Yours are the best Congresses around !

BS, 3 June 2009

I would recommend these tournaments to anyone interested, I had a great time (it helps when you win!) but the playing conditions were great and the chess was fought at a high level.

GM Simon Williams, 15 June 2009 



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