Group C contains 12 players divided into 4 "teams" of 3 players.  Each player plays the 3 players in each of the other teams, but not the other players in his own team.  This gives each player 9 games.  The teams are

Team A Team B Team C Team D
GM Arkell, Keith ENG 2521 Byron, Alan ENG 2173 Eden, Tomer ISR 2157 McKenna, Jason P ENG 2146
GM Gormally, Danny ENG 2490 White, David ENG 2051 Bailey, Kevin John ENG 2082 Ackley, Peter ENG 2084
IM Rudd, Jack ENG 2326 Jackson, James ENG 2050 Josse, Mark ENG 2045 Brown, Tom WLS 2032



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