e2e4 Uxbridge Autumn International

11th - 15th August 2010


Congratulations to all players, in particular the group winners

Masters A IM Buckley, Graeme N 7.5
Masters B GM Rausis, Igor 8
Womens C IM Lalic, Susan K 7
Challengers D Jaunooby, Ali R 8
Challengers E Quinn, John M 6.5
Challengers F Byron, Alan M 7
Major G Martin, Axel 6.5
Major H Nettleton, Charlie 6.5
Major J Watson, Darrell 6.5

and the following players who secured their first FIDE rating

Winter, Kevin
Clark, Robert
Lee, Bryan
Price, Michael C
Gardner, Phillip K
Foster, Chantelle
Crockett, Stephen
Crouch, Timothy
Probert, Malcolm
Richards, Geoffrey
Aagney L., Narasimhan



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